Because each family member has a gourmand-like appetite they explore on the food they cook. Bon vivant, gourmet, gastronome, these are terms used by chefs that show how well they are at their craft. The family does not have any background on culinary arts at all let alone formal education on cooking or no idea how the food industry operates. But who cares, thanks to the need to a family bonding.

The family decided to come up with something that will make them find time to be together. These boys believe in the cooking prowess of their mom and so they all agreed to involve her in the running of the business bringing with her of course are her best-selling recipes. The boys just know that people would go crazy if they share to the public what their mom would cook for them upon demand during her free time. Not only are they the ones loving her cooking but even friends just love her bestsellers as well.

All businesses have their humble beginnings. The Fat Belly Project is still in its beginning stage as well as in its humble state- the learning process. Secretly and don’t tell anyone but the business was a trial and error endeavor pushing their luck as to whether people with gastronome abilities would give them a passing rate or even simple diners who would love to eat for that matter. The Fat Belly Project capitalized on people’s wicked appetite for incredibly humungous cuts of steaks and american ribs. The UNLIMITED came about due to that. The Fat Belly Project’s recipes used for these meats are their own but over time were infused with a variety of herbs and spices providing it with its unique flavor.

The marinade used on the steak was developed with the boys critiquing over dinner each time a family bonding occurs. Same as that with the mouth-watering, falling-off-the-bones, melts-in the-mouth and to-die-for american ribs, it is an explosion of flavor which is a must-try. Pardon the numerous compound adjectives used to describe the ribs but these were all grabbed from feedbacks and comments from the diners’ reviews on the business’ Facebook page.

Customers, foodies, critiques, and bloggers or perhaps some a few Bon Vivant continue to help the Fat Belly Project shape a culture of perfection. The Fat Belly Project’s customer service is near to impeccable, as reflected on the reviews as well as rating, their creation of new fare offerings add to the fusion of flavors luring more diners from sun up to sundown. Value for money, cleanliness, and their ridiculously humungous servings, one would say that they are not joking as they exceed more than anyone’s expectation. The Fat Belly Project does not stop to improve on their fare even when reviews are 99% good and 1% bad.

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